Overseas Oil Services is an expert in communication and defining the essential needs and requirements of our clients in the oil and gas industry. Our excellent customer service and experience skills help us to consolidate our clients overall needs to find them the perfect candidate which fills the position needed.

Overseas Oil Services ensures that our organization employs the right balance of staff in terms of skills and experience, and that training and development opportunities are available to employees to enhance their performance in order to achieve the organization’s objectives.

We have developed a pristine screening system to narrow down possible CV candidates in which we offer our clients the most qualified candidates. Thanks to our highly trained agents and our resources you will be able to hire manpower hassle-free.

Overseas Oil Services invests in our clients and believes that maintaining a close relationship with our client is vital. Even if you are not actively looking for manpower we still want to stay in touch. By creating this long-term relationship, you will constantly have an updated database created for the next potential job recruitments at your fingertips.

Above all customer service is very important to us and we believe it is what makes our company stand out compared to the others. We understand your needs in the demanding field of oil and gas industry and we are here to make your job one step easier and hassle free.